Thursday, April 8, 2010

This week's scrutiny:

*** In Television is Catching Up, Kacey Larsen examines a CNN Entertainment article exploring GLBT characters on the tube.

Alecia Brooks breaks-down Time magazine's story about consumer safety when Plastics, other common chemicals could be ruining health.

When aliteration runs amok, Mallory Cole asks editors to Please Permanently Prohibit perpetually Preposterous Headlines.

When a gubenatorial campaign statement leads, Lars Headington asks why the Iowa City Press-Citizen is tone deaf to news in its immediate purview.

Heather Lamb examines a writer's focus when a Gazette Crime story turns into a profile, unintentionally.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This Week's Purview:

*** In New photos, old story Heather Lamb looks at how the Chicago Tribune reported the revival of an old investigation.

Alecia Brooks examines coverage of World Water Day 2010, where activists are Going to war with unsanitary water.

In Know Thineself, Cole Cheney compares fresh versus tired online coverage of the China-Google dispute.

Mallory Cole reveals how a potentially funny story falls flat in Russerecting Road-Kill, Take One.

When a Staged political event is not news, Lars Headington asks why it still gets front-page treatment.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Week's Look:

*** Kacey Larson scrutinizes the focus of a medical story in Burying Alzheimer's, In Life and In Media.

In When the Watchdog Sleeps, Mallory Cole asks why a negligent girlfriend was not scrutinized more by a Cedar Rapids Gazette story.

Heather Lamb wants to see clearer reporting in an Iowa City crime story when Revealing Too Little Leads to Too Many Questions.

In Finding a balance between the citizen and the journalist, Alecia Brooks asks what distinctions are made by editors when using citizen journalists.

In Who Made Who?, Cole Cheney examines levels of disclosure when news organizations face possibly conflicts of interests in reporting.

Lars Headington lauds the approach of a New York Times reporter whose put his Focus on money, not rhetoric behind policy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

At a glance:

*** Kacey Larsen analyses the approach of a New York Times Supreme Court article in Sleepover at the Supreme Court.

Heather Lamb looks into a television-news outlet's series on unsolved murders in Cold Cases Brought To Life By KCRG.

In Local Paper Copies, Doesn't Cover Conviction, Mallory Cole critiques the Iowa City Press-Citizen's non-coverage of a high-profile murder trial.

Alecia Brooks examines how the Bangor Daily News brings federal government policy close to its readers in An Additional $900 Million Proposed For Failing Schools.

In Many Shades of Green, Cole Cheney compares a mainstream media outlet with an advoccy group in theit coverage of Coca-Cola's new eco-friendly bottles.

In Media Complicit In Political Games, Lars Headington highlights the apolitical conversion of a blogger.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caught In Our Sights:

*** In Two Perspectives, One Story, Cole Cheney compares cultural shades in Al-Jazeera and Associated Press coverage of Toyota's apology.

Heather Lamb examines how the Des Moines Register reports When Photos Tell A Story: Psychiatrist Labels Mark Becker A Psychotic.

In A Good Wife: Kills Husband, Still Files His Taxes, Mallory Cole dissects how one TV news station website offered readers confusion rather than clarification.

Alecia Brooks discusses how USA Today chose to cover a pair of divergent American economies, One Bustling and One Struggling; Two Cities On Opposite Ends of the Employment Gap.

Kacey Larsen breaks-down the effectiveness of USA Today's reporting as Sale Events Turn Into Trials for Toyota.

Lars Headington shows how WSJ Beats Times, Post to the Point of a senate vote by bringing the facts - and not politics - up-front.

Friday, February 19, 2010

In Our Gaze:

*** Alecia Brooks offers points of improvement for articles in Reuters and Business First discussing Double-Digit Unemployment Rate for Minorities in NY.

Heather Lamb judges the effectiveness of new media methods for the Mark Becker Trial Covered Live Online.

Mallory Cole compares the presentation of age in crime stories The Gazette and the Iowa City Press-Citizen in A "Baby" Behind Bars: Robbery Turned To Murder.

Cole Cheney examines treatment of Big Soda Lobbying in three different media outlets.

Kacey Larsen scrutinizes the tone and scope of a article on college volunteers Soaking Up the Sun In Haiti.

Lars Headington asks why the New York Times Fronts Dem's Retirement, Fall-Out while the Des Moines Register buries it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Week's Purview:

*** Heather Lamb examines The Gazette's coverage of a CR police substation's attempt to reduce crime while Cedar Rapids Business Owners Seek More Help.

MalloryCole compares trial coverage by the IC Press-Citizen and The Gazette of an IC Counselor's Case In Court.

Alecia Brooks takes a look at Leaving Facebook To Begin A Social Life.

Cole Cheney examines the Haitian Situation of big-dollar donations.

Kacey Larsen ponders a college's offering of Degrees In Medical Marijuana.

Lars Headington shows you just one way that Fox Puts Spin First.