Friday, February 19, 2010

In Our Gaze:

*** Alecia Brooks offers points of improvement for articles in Reuters and Business First discussing Double-Digit Unemployment Rate for Minorities in NY.

Heather Lamb judges the effectiveness of new media methods for the Mark Becker Trial Covered Live Online.

Mallory Cole compares the presentation of age in crime stories The Gazette and the Iowa City Press-Citizen in A "Baby" Behind Bars: Robbery Turned To Murder.

Cole Cheney examines treatment of Big Soda Lobbying in three different media outlets.

Kacey Larsen scrutinizes the tone and scope of a article on college volunteers Soaking Up the Sun In Haiti.

Lars Headington asks why the New York Times Fronts Dem's Retirement, Fall-Out while the Des Moines Register buries it.

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