Thursday, February 25, 2010

Caught In Our Sights:

*** In Two Perspectives, One Story, Cole Cheney compares cultural shades in Al-Jazeera and Associated Press coverage of Toyota's apology.

Heather Lamb examines how the Des Moines Register reports When Photos Tell A Story: Psychiatrist Labels Mark Becker A Psychotic.

In A Good Wife: Kills Husband, Still Files His Taxes, Mallory Cole dissects how one TV news station website offered readers confusion rather than clarification.

Alecia Brooks discusses how USA Today chose to cover a pair of divergent American economies, One Bustling and One Struggling; Two Cities On Opposite Ends of the Employment Gap.

Kacey Larsen breaks-down the effectiveness of USA Today's reporting as Sale Events Turn Into Trials for Toyota.

Lars Headington shows how WSJ Beats Times, Post to the Point of a senate vote by bringing the facts - and not politics - up-front.

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